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Family of four -1 | Milan, Italy

A few months ago, when I visited Albania and then Italy, I had the pleasure of photographing an adorable family. For a series of unfortunate events, the session took place 2 days before we had to fly back to Europe and daddy Marco had to be in London for work, thus the title of ‘family of four -1’.

Without further ado, meet…

Mario. The newest member of the family. He wasn’t even 6 months old in this picture.

Last time I met Carolina on a family vacation that brought them to San Francisco, she told they wanted to expand the family. I wished her good luck. What do you know, back from the trip she found out she was expecting.

Mario has incredible eyes. And yes, they are as blue as they seem in these photos. I did not enhance them. Actually, I debated toning them down for fear of coming across as the photographer that makes people look like they have fake alien eyes, but he is what he is. I might have mentioned it to his mom a few times, how incredibly blue they are.

He also happens to be a pretty good baby. Quiet, content and generally happy!

For a brief moment, meet big brother Leonardo. I stopped him the second he got back from school, to snap a few with little brother before he changed to head out for the portraits that are to come later in this post.

Meet the mom to these two incredible boys.

Leo is the sweetest big brother.

I love fall colors.

Ludovico & Leonardo – Part I

Yet, another Italy session.


Part II will be coming up soon.


Another adorable baby I had the pleasure of photographing while in Italy. One month old.

Don’t you just LOVE his hair?

Mattia: five weeks old

Warning: very cute baby ahead. I had the pleasure of photographing him in his mom’s belly (here too) on my previous trip to Italy.

Seriously, Mattia couldn’t be any cuter! Or any more alert… in fact, he did not want to sleep at all, just laid there, posing like a pro the whole time.

And since it’s officially Halloween month, here comes the little lion.

Of course he fell asleep right when we got out for a few family portraits. It was overcast and chilly in Milan that day. It could have been worse, like those last two days when it rained non stop.

Gianluigi in the Big Green

This cutie is a very good friend’s son. Photos were taken back in June, when we visited Italy last. I know, took me long enough to get to them…

I can’t wait to meet him (and my friend, of course) again, in a mere week, and see how much bigger and cuter he is now.

I love moody toddlers.

Sending me kisses. How sweet!

I’d say that for a totally unplanned session – we just met over lunch and coffee, these came out pretty great!

And this is where the photos were taken… far down this field, which happens to be Gainluigi’s grandparents’ backyard… The half overcast, half sunny weather was interesting.

Poppies | Maternity Portraits in Italy

I love this series, shot in a wheat field… and I’m really excited that during my trip to Italy (leaving in 1 week) I’ll get to photograph Mattia, out of the belly this time!

Expecting Mattia, part II | Italy Maternity Photographer

See part I here.




Little April




No pregnant women were hurt during the making of these pictures. April was a little too excited about running around in the open fields…



Expecting Mattia | Italy Maternity Photographer

Yesterday I spent a fun afternoon with Maria Grazia and Marco, who are expecting their first baby. Mattia.

Maria Grazia was so excited when she learned I was going to be in Italy before her due date, so, even though on vacation {it’s never a real vacation} I gladly accepted her request to schedule a maternity session. I traveled from Milan towards the outskirts of Bergamo and the weather was just perfect.

Little April – who wouldn’t stay anywhere in front of the camera – is so cute, and my son, my assistant for the day, loved being around her. He squealed in delight the entire time.





We took countless gorgeous pictures but I am currently working on my laptop, which is far from calibrated. I also despise editing with a mouse {once you get used to that Wacom tablet, you can never go back} so these are straight out of the camera, minus the black and white conversion.

Stay tuned for a lot more when I am back from my trip.