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Welcome to the world baby Lucas | birth day

I was supposed to document his birth, but baby Lucas had other plans and was definitely in a hurry. 9 days shy of his due date, he made the grand entrance at 6:30pm yesterday, only 20 minutes after I got the call. I immediately headed to the hospital but when midway to Labor&Delivery I got a second call I knew it wasn’t going to be “good” news for me. When I got there, baby Lucas was already 20 minutes old. I was lucky enough to spend a few hours in the room where 7 months ago I delivered my own baby (what a coincidence, right?)… photographing the first moments in the life of this brand new baby.

Congratulations Breanna and Brian!




Big sister, Madison, was really excited to hold her baby brother.


Coming up soon will be his Newborn session, sometime next week.