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Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness month.


Mini Studio Session with Alice

My girl starts dance classes tomorrow. Saying that she is excited, is an understatement.





Mini Studio Sessions: dates announced

Here are the dates for the upcoming mini studio sessions. September 12 and October 10. Only three spots available on each date.


meet Nico!


Expecting Ester

Today I’m sharing some portraits of a friend, expecting her second baby, Ester. She made Noel a big brother a couple of weeks ago (so you can imagine these were taken a few months back, when I was in Albania).

Note to self: impromptu shoots with a needy preschooler and an even more needy baby (mine) who decide to steal toys from each other, cry and want to be held by their moms are not a good idea.

I love late afternoon light. Shot right before sunset (7:22pm – no, I didn’t remember the exact time, I checked the EXIF data, which made me realize I never changed my camera settings to local time that is 9 hours ahead).