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Expecting Mattia | Italy Maternity Photographer

Yesterday I spent a fun afternoon with Maria Grazia and Marco, who are expecting their first baby. Mattia.

Maria Grazia was so excited when she learned I was going to be in Italy before her due date, so, even though on vacation {it’s never a real vacation} I gladly accepted her request to schedule a maternity session. I traveled from Milan towards the outskirts of Bergamo and the weather was just perfect.

Little April – who wouldn’t stay anywhere in front of the camera – is so cute, and my son, my assistant for the day, loved being around her. He squealed in delight the entire time.





We took countless gorgeous pictures but I am currently working on my laptop, which is far from calibrated. I also despise editing with a mouse {once you get used to that Wacom tablet, you can never go back} so these are straight out of the camera, minus the black and white conversion.

Stay tuned for a lot more when I am back from my trip.