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In Winter Wonderland | Lake Tahoe

We decided to go on a little family trip to Lake Tahoe this past weekend. I thought it was going to be relaxing but with a toddler nothing is. We also found about the worst weather – lots of rain, wind and generally just gloomy.

The only shot of the lake I took, the wind was almost blowing me away (I know I’m skinny, but really, it was strong).

From the 12th floor of the Hyatt Regency. Didn’t think my 20mm would actually not be enough. And, look closely, there are people in the pool down there! I’m cold just thinking about it.

I have about a zillion shots of my son, who didn’t like the snow at all (it was his first time and maybe seeing Mommy and Daddy sink in the snow to their knees wasn’t very reassuring for the pint size self that he is).

Here is a little extra. I know, I look crazy. I’m smiling but I really hate snow/rain being blown right in my face and eyes. Oh, and my fingers were falling off because I got smart and left my gloves in the car thinking I would be out for a few quick shots (the above macros). Not a good idea.

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